Oasis Stud Poker

Oasis Stud Poker is a casino adaptation of the game of Stud Poker and is a very simple yet exciting game to play.

Casino Kigali Oasis Stud Poker takes the basic concepts of the game and allows players to play against the bank rather than against each other.

The idea of the game is to make the best 5 card poker hand after being given an option to buy and change either one or two cards.

The Table

The table consists of 6 playing positions with each player having their own position and set of bet “boxes”:

B Position for bonus bet

ANTE Position for the “Ante” bet

BET Position for the “Bet”

The dealer’s hand will be dealt in front of the dealer.

The Game

Players must place a bet on the box marked “ANTE” in accordance with the table minimum and maximum.

Each of the players will then receive 5 cards dealt face down and the dealer will receive 5 cards, the last card being dealt “open” or face up. It is at this point that the player must make the decision to either “PLAY” or “FOLD”.


Should the player choose to PLAY, then the following options are available:

(i) The player may keep the original hand

(ii) The player may exchange one card for a new card. This card must be bought for the SAME amount of the ANTE.

(iii) The player may exchange 2 cards for new cards. This exchange is made for DOUBLE the amount of the ANTE.

When one of the above decisions had been made and the transaction is complete, then the player must decide whether to PLAY or FOLD (see Fold).

To continue to PLAY, an amount of DOUBLE the ANTE is now placed on top of the face down cards on the BET box.


Should a player choose to FOLD, then the ante is lost, the cards surrendered and the player’s game is over.

The Payouts

Should the dealer not qualify with Ace King or better, then the ANTE bets are paid 1:1 (even money) and the game is over.

Should the dealer qualify with Ace King or better, then:

(i) If the player beats the dealer:

The ANTE will be paid 1:1 (even money) and the BET paid according to the pay table below.

(ii) If the dealer beats the player:

The ANTE and BET both lose.

Should the player and the dealer have exactly the same hand, then the individual ranking of the cards will decide the winner. If all cards are the same then bets will stand or push. In other words, the bet will not win or lose.

BET Pay Table

Royal Flush 100:1

Straight Flush 50:1

4 of a Kind 20:1

Full House 7:1

Flush 5:1

Straight 4:1

Three of a Kind 3:1

Two Pairs 2:1

One Pair or Less 1:1

This additional feature of Oasis Stud Poker will make your game more interesting and exciting!

The Bonus Bet

The player has the option to place an additional and completely separate bet that he will make Three of a Kind or better with the first 5 cards.

This bet is placed in the box marked B.

Should the player not achieve Three of a Kind or better with the first 5 cards, then the bonus bet loses.

Should the player achieve Three of a Kind or better with the first 5 cards, then the bet is paid according to the pay table below:

Bonus Bet Pay Table

Royal Flush 5000:1

Straight Flush 1000:1

Four of a Kind 500:1

Full House 100:1

Flush 80:1

Straight 50:1

Three of a Kind 10:1

Please note that a bonus bet must be placed at the same time as the ANTE and should the player choose to change a card, then the bonus bet will be lost.

Please observe the following rules when playing Oasis Stud Poker:

Cards must remain in the sight of the dealer at all times and may not be removed from the table.

Players are not allowed to discuss or show their hands to any other player or guest.

Should you have any questions regarding the above rules of play then please ask any member of our staff who will be happy to assist you.

Good luck and enjoy the game!

Know your limits. Gamble responsibly.